Cuentacuentos Locks in New Distributor


Cuentacuentos has always valued authenticity, and we're proud to be a part of the communities that we serve. 

We don't depend on celebrities or flashy marketing schemes to drive our sales - we rely on the strength and consistency of our quality, the authenticity of our stories, and the good will of our clients and partners in order to continue making a positive impact in rural Latin American communities. 

Our families have all prospered under our label, and Cuentacuentos sells at the top of the market, ensuring outstanding quality without cutting corners.

In pursuit of our mission, we recently brought on a new distributor - Origin Beverage Company. Origin works with a collection of independent brewers and distillers, and has extensive experience in promoting the best of these brands to New England retailers and restaurateurs. There is a great deal of individuality in the kinds of beverages people enjoy, so Origin's philosophy is to seek out products that reflect unique areas and climates from around the world. They search for handcrafted spirits, craft beers, high-quality mixers and cocktail ingredients that reflect passion and personality.

Origin aims to introduce the best of these brands to New England retailers and restaurateurs, providing a variety that expands beyond their regional borders - Cuentacuentos is now added to that list.

This partnership is just another step toward ensuring that our mezcal and its producers reach their highest potential - we look forward to keeping you updated as we move forward.