Maximiliano "Serafin" García Gerónimo


Mezcal Artesanal | 100% AgaveA. karwinskii (Cuish)By “Serafín” GarcíaSerafín's mezcals, made in the artisanal style, on a small hillside outside of San Dionisio Ocotopec, faithfully honor their constituent agaves. His cuish is no exception. This distillation's flavor profile is why we love mezcals made from Agave karwinskii: it is fresh, vegetal, green and bright —no unwanted aromatics, no untoward flavors, no compromises.Enjoy neat with citrus fruits, grilled meats, salsas.Mezcal Artesanal | 100% AgaveA. angustifolia (Espadín)By “Serafín” GarcíaSerafín’s espadín, like his outstanding cuish, is characterized by its bright, vegetal tones and its even balance of alcohol and agave. This versatile copper pot espadín is perfect for sipping neat, but, unlike many clay pot varieties, is also ideal for experimenting with cocktails.Mezcal Artesanal | 100% AgaveA. marmorata (Tepeztate)By “Serafín” GarcíaWhen Serafín makes a tepeztate it is a rarity (he usually makes cuish, which he does expertly, and, of course, his famous espadín). This tepeztate is characterized by the floral nose and hints of tropical fruit that typify tepeztates, but is less intense than they often are. Notes of plantain and nanche are pronounced but do not overwhelm.